Blonde Lebanese Hash


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THC = 40-45%

Lebanese Blonde Hash is becoming more popular for its several health benefits. The THC levels in this product are higher than most hashes in the market, giving users an overall sense of well-being. And yes, the feelings of euphoria are so alluring that many people can’t get enough of it. This one has potent effects on the mind due to highly concentrated THC that acts like opium when smoked.

Underlying the strong cerebral effects of the substance is its interaction with specific receptors in brain cells. There’s a surge of dopamine into areas associated with emotions, such as pleasure, motivation, memory reward, and movement control. This phenomenon explains why the blonde Hash can make you hungry.

What’s even more interesting about blonde Lebanese Hash is that it comes from an all-natural and organic cannabis cultivation, which means it has no additives. It is usually grown over one or two whole seasons – that is, 4-8 months – giving it a rich flavor and aroma. There are now a lot of stores that offer high-quality blonde Hash, but choosing a reliable provider might be a tad challenging for some reason. But when you know all the facts and what you’re looking for, you’ll end up consuming the best strain today.

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